The interview question for Group Interview did not change much, but the lunch became much delicious.
About the general group interview, I think we have a lot topics about it in this site. Now I just want to remind the two easy pittraps:

1. About the input for the "Schedule" question. The schedule is not a finished one, it is scheduleReuques class. There are id, location, starttime, endtime, which determines a particular area of ​​advertising on which the time slot, the input data (such as the date, time, date, time, etc.). There are many objects in this class, so you can build your own data structure to include all of these objects to form of schedule. And these ads can not be arbitrarily split in time.
For example, there are two inputs: c1, a1,1,5 and c1, a1,4,6. Then the two ads in the 4-5 time overlap, but you can only remove the c1 from either 1-5 time slot or 4-6 time slot, which is to delete the entire input class, rather than split the ads, delete c1 in 405 time slot. Then the output of this problem is the input of this pile scheduleReuques object you keep down and removed, and divided into two batch output.

2. The outputs of first question is the inputs of the third question.
The third question is to provide a bunch of scheduleReuques objects, you have to build up schedule, and then insert the new content. The trick part is that the inserted new content is independent, more like you run the same function with different cases for N times.

One thing is sometimes the interviewer asked you to us Greed Algorithm, but himself might not know Greed Algorithm is not the best solution.

BTW, C++ visual studio is pretty handy, just remember not to create your own header file, you can add the functions in the given class, also, try not to add "static" because some visual studio is not handling it correctly.

The program I written ran very smooth, the data also outputted in right way, optimization was implemented, but unfortunately the interviewer who talked to me and gave me advice to optimization, he did not talk to me after the first conversation. So he did not know how I optimized the program.
Most of peers in the Group Interview failed, I feel is because the hiring position is running out. I and colleagues knew those guys got the offer with questionable codes, it showed that the early hiring bar was pretty low as there were more hiring positions.
I applied amazon in Sept and received the invitation in October, but I got my OA in November, missed the prime time for onsite (lower bar, more positions).
But I also saw a lot of friends applied one month later, their process moved much faster, and many of them got the Amazon offer. I somehow think Amzon schedule Video Interview or Onsite interview all randomly. And I feel this kind of Group Interview is hard to screen out who is better, so they just randomly gave offers.

You really need put up right mind for job searching. Just see someone can get in Amazon so easily, does not mean you can. Never give up, keep trying.
Do not be discouraged for No Offer. Sometimes bad things can change to good ones. Well, maybe later you can get a way better deal for your hard working.

I am planning to go to CA to continue my job searching. Let me know if you guys have any good groups/organizations about it, and please count me in.