I can't believe how abysmal these people are. It was definitely the worst interview I had done, ever!
I was asked three questions, 1 hour each, and then I was taken to lunch with two first-level managers. Right after coming back from lunch, they told me that they didn't find a good match for my skills. The only thing I can assume is that although they say that the lunch time won't count towards the overall assessment, it might have been the most important part. For example, I shouldn't have ordered salad where the two managers ordered steak. I think that set us far apart and made us totally unfit for each other.

1- Design LRU - https://zigin.co/interview/detail/1046.page
2- Find max benefit from 2 transactions given some stock prices - https://zigin.co/interview/detail/1008.page
3- Design an ATM