I attended a career fair. In the Microsoft booth, I found the appropriate position and dropped off my resume. Several days later, I got the email to assign the phone interview. I got several questions about OOP concept and sort algorithms. And then I got the email from MS and they said they want to invite me for an on-site interview in Seattle. It was a paneled interview with 3 interviewers.

The 1st interviewer asked about a Data structure question like Linked list and queue and binary tree. He requested to code queue and circular queue. The 2nd interviewer asked me Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache questions. I didn't know about it so he explained to me how it works and he asked me about coding. The 3rd interviewer asked me about the function pointer in C/C++ and how Java language can work like function pointer in C/C++. Is Java capable of passing the parameter using "call by reference" or "call by value"? How does Java pass the address of an object?