I did a brief phone chat with a HR person and talked about my resume. Got an email a week later saying that my phone interviews were great (of which I had none) and they wanted to do on-site interviews in Seattle. I flew out there two weeks later and did four 1-hour long interviews from 9am-1pm. I was let go after that. I thought it was interesting that they didn't even take the candidates out for lunch. They wanted candidates to use taxis to get around instead of providing rental cars. The hotel was actually charged to my credit card as well, which it shouldn't have been.

Solve a maze with a robot
Design a function to reverse the order of words in a string - "This is a string" -> "string a is This"
Design an elevator
Design an app and include n way to gather data (latency metrics, time, etc) in the app using a library
Using a tree, find the first common ancestor of two nodes