I sent in my resume online and a recruiter contacted me about four months later to schedule a phone screen. We talked about the company and my background, which lasted about 30 minutes.

After the call, we scheduled a phone interview with a Software Engineer the following week. We talked more about the company and the team. We also discussed my technical background and what I'm familiar with and a technical question that was to be solved on a shared online coding doc. The question was a simple data structure question, I had to walk through the code and talk about test cases. I asked questions and was given thorough answers.

The following week, I heard back from the recruiter and they wanted to schedule a few video interviews that could either take place all in one day or be spread out over two days. All interviews were with software engineers (two junior, one staff, and one manager). The email said the interviewers would contact me via Google Hangouts or by phone if there were technical issues. The first interviewer didn't contact me at all, and I was left waiting for the entire hour. The second interviewer contacted me via a phone call and said the first interviewer had an emergency and wasn't able to interview me. They couldn't send me a quick email before or after the start time, which was unprofessional and a little rude. Anyways, the second interviewer talked to me about the position and the responsibilities. It was followed by a pretty simple data structure question, to be coded on a sharing doc. The third interview consisted of two algorithm questions. The last interview consisted of past work, an algorithm question, and a specific framework question. All the interviews were over the phone. The questions weren't too difficult and can be found in standard coding interview books/websites.

I was contacted by email and phone about a week later by a recruiter (phone call was 20 minutes late) for the results.

Interview Questions
Reverse a singly linked list. - https://zigin.co/interview/detail/1599.page
Find the mid element of a singly linked list.
Convert roman numeral. - https://zigin.co/interview/detail/1100.page
Moves on a checkerboard.
Check if string satisfies several conditions.