Below are the steps to my Microsoft hiring interviews:
1. Handed in my resume to Microsoft HR at a campus career fair
2. I got an on-campus interview. It was 1 hour and not hard. I got a response 1.5 weeks later
3. Lastly 5 onsite interviews; 4 technical and 1 behavior. The onsite M provides is the best I have heard of, and that is really the reason why I like Microsoft and moved to Seattle

Interview Questions:
1. How to design a cache data structure for a certain search use case
2. String comparison/manipulation, and non-binary tree traversal and try to find a root-based path qualifying a certain requirement
3. Search an element from a matrix.
4. String reversing with some special characters to check. BinaryTree level by level traversal
5. What are you expecting to be in 5 years? Talk about previous working experience