Google phone interview experience:
-Every phone interview lasted about 45 minutes
-The interview covered a couple of recent roles on the resume
-One analytical question (see below)

Analytical questuions:
1. The first phone interview dives directly to the technical questions. They ask one coding question and one follow-up question

2. The second phone interview asks about background and project experiences. It then asks technical questions, one coding question, and one follow-up question

Interview Questions
1. Given an integer array, count how many unique pairs in this array larger than a specific value.
Follow-up: how many unique triples larger than a specific value

2. Given a binary search tree, write a function k-th smallest to find the k-th smallest element in it.
Follow up: what if the BST is modified (insert/delete operations) often and you need to find the k-th smallest frequently? How would you optimize the k-th smallest routine?