A recruiter reached out to me. I didn't start the phone screen until four weeks later as I wasn't fully prepared. After I passed the phone screen, I was invited to an onsite interview the next day. I went to their office two weeks later. After three weeks I was told that I didn't pass as I didn't do well in the system design round. The recruiter said as I had three years of experience and it didn't fit the senior position I applied for. Thus the system design interview is really critical.

I forgot some of the coding problems but below are what I can remember:

1. Move all 0s to the front of an integer array
2. Given a target and a sorted array, find the highest value smaller than the target
3. Given a 0-1 matrix, find the largest graph that is 1-connected
4. Design a system that can quickly return public accounts' activity data. For example, how many person likes/comments on Taylor Swift's status
5. In the culture fit interview I was asked many questions about how and why did you make this decision or case questions. For example, why did you apply for grad school? Why didn't you start working after undergrad? Why did you choose your current company three years ago? Why did you move to this state? If at that time you also got an offer from FB, what would you do? Why FB?