Below is Linkedin's job interview experience.
The candidate will experience 2 initial phone screens followed by 5 onsite interviews.

The 2 phone screens will ask the candidate to code on a collabedit link

Onsite Interviews:
2 Techincal interviews - candidates will be asked Algorithm questions and expect some coding.
1 Design interview - candidates will need to design a problem
1 Design interview - candidates will need to explain a project he worked on
Final interview - candidates will be asked to talk about his background information including interests and/or hobbies

Interview Questions
The question during the interviews are simple. Below are examples.
a) Find the nearest K point given a set of N point.
b) Print a tree level by level. -
c) Given a dictionary, find a set of two words and a path from one word to another such that all the intermediate words are also from dictionary.
Example: GOD - GID - DID - DIG - DOG.

We are allowed only one character change each time -
d) Design an Hangman. { They expect MVC architecture. }