I submitted my resume through their online website.

An Indian Manager interviewed me. He firstly introduced his project, it is about infrastructure, they are trying to move the system to something called Rest.li frameworks which I had no idea at all.
Then he asked me to introduce myself, so I explained my internship last summer.

He asked several java language quesstions:
1. Final vs finally vs finalize
2. What is garbage collector of Java
4. Another question about thread which I totally had no idea

The follow up is coding questions:
1. reflection of tree.
2. sum of nested integer. nested integer is either a single integer or a list of nested integear:
such as {1,2,{3,4}}, every layer will add 1 to its weight. So the sum is 1*1 + 2*1 + 3*2 + 4*2
3. maximum subarray