I applied through an employee referral. The process took 1 day. I was given a phone call from a mid- to senior-level HR person within a day of the referral coming in. We went through a brief discussion of skillset required and the technologies to be used in the position. After that, I was set up for a second phone interview, this time a technical interview, with the manager-level developer that I would have reported to were I to continue through to completion. The technical interview was focusing a lot on JavaScript and rarely discussing any other technologies (unlike what the HR person had discussed with me).
The question asked is:
What is the difference between event capturing and event bubbling in regards to JavaScript event delegation?
We concluded the interview, and I expressed my concern that the job did not sound like the fit for me, as I really wanted to work more on presentation and user experience doing interaction design and HTML/CSS/JS rather than working mostly on things like performance tuning JS, etc. We ended the interview amicably, and the manager stated that he would like to consider me for future openings in interaction design and/or UI engineering that were more ux-focused. I was contacted a couple of months later to see if I was interested in a more ux-focused position that opened up recently, but I had already accepted the offer from the company that I was interviewing with in parallel to LinkedIn and declined.