There were 3 stages to the interview process:


1) Recruiter interview:
A great chat with a recruiter / sourcer who explained to me how the process would go and the kind of questions I should expect. Throughout the process the sourcer and the recruiter were extremely helpful in explaining what was next and what to expect.


2) Video interview:
A product sense and an execution interview. Both interviewers were very courteous.

Execution #1 - The interviewer focusing on execution explained she would be interrupting me but that this wasn't something they usually did at Facebook. It's such a small thing but helped me be more relaxed about our interaction. I came out of the interview thinking I didn't do too well but received feedback after the fact from the recruiter that I had done well.

Product Sense #1 - The interviewer who focused on product sense nodded and smiled from time to time. It was difficult for me to understand whether I had performed or not.


3) On-site interview:
I was in the interview process with other firms but coming on-site and meeting other product managers made it clear to me this was a great place to build product. Every PM who interviewed me with was sharp and interesting and I felt I had "permission to not hold back" which helped me give be clearer in my thinking and presentation.

Execution #2 - We dived into Facebook live. The interviewer asked tangential questions to test both big picture thinking, goal-driven and detail focused execution.

Product Sense #2 - This was such a fun interview. Letting go and thinking big and different is important (and fun) but it's also crucial to stick to a structure and go back to it.

Leadership & Drive - The interview was a (great) conversation but I found it useful to present things in a structured way as it made it easier for my interviewer to follow.


- Preparation books are useful but counter-productive after a first read and a pass on the exercises.
- Use the books to create your own structure.
- You've done the job and you know how to do it, now you just need to gather and organise your thoughts.
- Blog about it as a way to reward yourself for the thinking process!


Execution #1 - You're the PM for Facebook pages. What features would you prioritise?

Product Sense #1 - Tell me about your favorite app.

Execution #2:
You're the PM for Facebook live. What are your priorities?

Product Sense #2:
What is your favorite product? Redesign it.
Choose a Facebook product. Redesign it.

Leadership & Drive - Tell me about a time where you had a difficult interaction with a colleague.