A line of code can be many things - an amazing feature, a beautiful UI, a transformative algorithm. The faster this line of code reaches millions of users, the sooner it impacts their lives. As a Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure, you will be at the heart of Google’s engineering process building software that empowers engineering teams to develop and deliver high quality products quickly. We are focused on solving the hardest, most interesting challenges of developing software at scale without sacrificing stability, quality, velocity or code health.

We ensure Google's success by partnering with engineering teams and developing scalable tools and infrastructure that help engineers develop, test, debug and release software quickly. We impact thousands of Googlers and billions of users by increasing the pace of product development and ensuring our products are thoroughly tested. We are champions for code health, testability, maintainability and best practices for development and testing.

Having access to all of Google's platforms and vast compute resources provides a unique opportunity to grow as an engineer. We typically work in small, nimble teams that collaborate on common problems across products and focus areas. As a result, the exposure to this broad set of problems provides diverse technical challenges as well as accelerated career growth.

You are an engineer that will bring fresh ideas from all areas, including information retrieval, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking and data storage, security, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, UI design, mobile, and more. As a software engineer, you will work on a specific project critical to Google’s needs with opportunities to switch teams and projects as you and our fast-paced business grow and evolve. You are versatile, display leadership qualities and be enthusiastic to handle new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push technology forward.

Google’s internal video conferencing systems are world class and are critical to enabling seamless and pain free collaboration between Google Engineers all over the world. The Google Video Conferencing team explores how new technologies can be applied to continually improve and enhance the immersiveness and effectiveness of video conferencing for all Googlers. As a Software Engineer in Tools & Infrastructure, you will help to solve tough infrastructure problems, including designing systems to reliably detect audio artifacts, echo, etc.

Google is and always will be an engineering company. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to take on some of technology's greatest problems and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. Our engineers not only revolutionize search, they routinely work on massive scalability and storage solutions, large-scale applications and entirely new platforms for developers around the world. From AdWords to Chrome, Android to YouTube, Social to Local, Google engineers are changing the world one technological achievement after another.

Design and develop technologies to measure the quality of collaboration between remote participants.
Test and evaluate state of the art audio and video hardware for applicability within Google.
Lead and contribute to engineering efforts from planning and organization to execution and delivery to solve complex engineering problems in tools and testing.
Design and build advanced automated testing frameworks; Design and build tooling and infrastructure to help engineering teams measure and increase their velocity.
Drive adoption of best practices in code health, testing, and maintainability; Analyze and decompose complex software systems and collaborate with and influence others to improve the overall design.
Minimum qualifications
BA/BS degree in Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience.
2 years of relevant work experience in software development.
Preferred qualifications
4 years of experience in image or video processing and/or 4 years of experience in applying signals processing techniques to audio.
4 years of relevant work experience in software development, including experience programming in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and/or Python.
Experience designing a hardware testing lab.
Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: C#, Objective C, or Go.
Strong analytical and coding skills.
Excellent communication skills.
The web is what you make of it and our team is helping the world make more of the web. From open-source pros to user-experience extraordinaires, we develop products that help users connect, communicate and collaborate with others. Our consumer products and cloud platforms are giving millions of users at homes, businesses, universities and nonprofits around the world the tools that shape their web experience -- and changing the way they think about computing.