As a Senior Software Engineer, you will design, develop, and support the most visible Internet-scale products and infrastructures at LinkedIn.

• Provide technical leadership, driving and performing best engineering practices to initiate, plan, and execute critical, large-scale, cross-functional, and company-wide programs.
• Scale the infrastructure and tools required to keep our 2000+ developers in step when they are all sharing the same code, building and testing our software stacks, and releasing and deploying their services continuously without compromising site reliability.
• Develop and evangelize solutions to challenges faced by every product and infrastructure team at LinkedIn to improve developer happiness, productivity, and efficiency.
• Design and build tools and frameworks to automate development, testing, deployment, management and monitoring of our 24x7 services and products.
Basic Qualifications:
• BA/BS Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline, or 6+ years of related practical experience.
• 2+ years experience in software design, development, and algorithm related solutions.
• 2+ years programming experience in object-oriented programming languages such as Python, Java, Javascript, C/C++, C#, Objective-C, or Ruby.

Preferred Qualifications:
• BS + 5 years of relevant work experience, MS + 4 years of relevant work experience, or PhD + 2 years of relevant work experience.
• Experience designing and building infrastructure and web services at large scale.
• Knowledge of Internet protocols and network programming.
• Experience working in a Unix environment (Linux preferred).
• Knowledge of large-scale distributed systems and client-server architectures.
• Experience driving automated cloud management systems at scale.
• Experience with containerization, cluster schedulers, infrastructure configuration and orchestration.
• Experience in standard build tools and version control systems (svn, git, gradle, perforce).
• Experience in Python development using frameworks like Django, Flask, Jinja, SQLAlchemy.
• Knowledge of mobile (iOS and/or Android) development, tooling, and/or testing.
• Knowledge and experience with Tomcat, Jetty, Netty, Apache/ATS, Scala/sbt, or Node.js.
• Knowledge of database systems (MySql, PostgreSQL, Redis, Hbase, Voldemort, Espresso, Cassandra).

Internet Information Technology and Services
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