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IBM wants to bring machine learning to the mainframe
Posted 10 hours ago by Ron Miller (@ron_miller)
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IBM wants to bring machine learning to its traditional mainframe customers, and eventually to any technology with large data stores hidden behind a company firewall in what IBM calls a “private cloud.”

Yes mainframes, those ginormous computing machines from an earlier age, are still running inside some of the world’s biggest companies including banks, insurance companies, airlines and large retailers. In fact, according to IBM, a modern IBM z Systems mainframe is capable of processing up to 2.5 billion transactions per day – the equivalent of roughly 100 Cyber Mondays every day.

IBM wants to bring some core Watson machine learning smarts to its mainframe clients — and eventually to any computing done inside the data center — to allow them to take advantage of all that data in a more modern machine learning context.

The process should get smarter over time as it ingests more data and sees how the algorithms behave against different data sources. “This allows data scientists to build a model and IBM Machine Learning technology will choose the best algorithm. It then builds a feedback loop because as more data comes in, the algorithm gets updated and gets smarter,” he said.

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