Devin Wenig buys his garbage bags, shampoo and even toothpaste on eBay.

That's not typical for your regular eBay customer, who may visit for a car, cardigan or collectible coin. But as eBay's CEO, the 50-year-old Wenig likes to buy as much as he can from the site, now the world's third-largest e-retailer after Amazon and Alibaba.

eBay is a marketplace where a lot of small and medium-size businesses make their money. Is there any concern that politicizing eBay in any way could have a negative backlash?
Wenig: I don't view it as politicizing eBay. Just to be really clear, as an American and as the CEO of an American company, I want the president of the United States to succeed. With that said, there are a couple of core issues that we will stand up for. And if you stand for everything or you don't stand for anything, then that's a problem. And these issues are not political issues vis-a-vis eBay -- they're business issues. And because of that, I am not afraid to speak and we will speak.

How significant do you see AI moving into the future?
Wenig: AI's not a feature, it's the next major computing platform shift. And it's going to have a really profound implication on computing, on how people interact with machines, how machines interact with each other. It's right there. I'm not sure everybody sees that, but it's right there. And the breakthroughs are going to be profound, and they're going to come quick.

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