Amazon has quietly made one more acquisition to build out the productivity services on its cloud platform AWS. The company has acquired, a startup that had built a platform to make meetings more productive by doing things like managing notes in preparation for them, and creating reports for those who were not there, as well as organising the meetings themselves. Amazon is rolling it into Chime, a new communications suite for businesses that it launched last month and offers via AWS.

On February 15 (two days after Chime launched), Do announced it had been acquired and would close its service — including its web, mobile and Apple Watch apps — at the end of the month. Do didn’t name a buyer, but a reader tipped us off to the company’s profile on LinkedIn, which notes that the startup is “now a part of Amazon Chime.” Other Do staff also note the acquisition on their profiles.

Amazon’s AWS — which posted $3.53 billion in revenues last quarter — has been on a mini buying spree of late to expand the services it offers on top of its cloud infrastructure — specifically in areas like productivity and security.

Many of these are smart moves on the part of AWS: they can help it expand revenues per user and margins on basic cloud services, which Amazon prices lower to compete against others like Google, Microsoft and Rackspace for what is essentially a commoditized product.

This is the second acquisition we’ve been able to identify that Amazon has made to build Chime. The first was Biba, which it acquired last year for the videoconferencing piece of the service. That deal was never confirmed by Amazon directly at the time, although we found a lot of proof, and today the Biba site redirects its users to Chime.

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